Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Very admittedly, Motlanthe is for Goodman Manyanya Phiri a closed book; so is Jacob Zuma in so many respects; so was Thabo Mbeki.  But better are closed books than liar books like Nelson Mandela nd his long walk to freedom.  His Long Walk to freedom is today destroying South Africa with both black racism, and tribalism against other blacks and even regionalism which under Jacob Zuma emerges and Coastal regionalism whereby people born in Eastern Cape, Jacob Zuma’s coastal KwaZulu-Natal region and quasi-Coastal Mpumalanga Province must gang up against those black South Africans (like Motlanthe) who are perceived to be neither Nguni (Swazi, Zulu, Ndebele-speaking) like Nelson Mandela, Thabo, Mbeki, and now Jacob Zuma.

I need just to repeat that I have no brief from Motlanthe to write this.  It is just my growing anger at the way tribalists within my ancestors’ ancient organization (The ruling African National Congress-ANC) are reportedly busy ganging up against Motlanthe just because, as a Tswana-speaker (if he is) he is NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE ALLOWED RULE OVER SOUTH AFRICA.  According to Zuma-type tribalists-cum-Coastal-Nguni-regionalists of the ANC’s Mpumalanga Province (I am ashamed by these louts because I am also born in Mpumalanga and my native tongue is Siswati) [reports go], of KwaZulu Natal where modern-day Nguni-Coastal-tribalist-cum-regionalist leader of the ANC Jacob Zuma lives; and of the Eastern Cape where the father of all Nguni Tribalism-cum-regionalism-and-black-racism Nelson Mandela comes from…

…Motlanthe or anybody else who is not perceived to be either born in their quasi-Eastern-Coast provinces (Eastern Cape, KZN, and Mpumalanga) must not be allowed to rule South Africa; and so they are busy making those lists of theirs for elective conference of the ANC this month where (called ‘slates’) and locking out Motlanthe (and maybe other non-quasi-Eastern-Coast-born) people, making the only possible winners for ANC presidency as a compromise:

A TSWANA, SOTHO, VENDA, COLOURED, BOER,  PEDI, SHANGAAN, ETC BE ALLOWED AS ANC PRESIDENT ONLY IF HE IS BORN IN THE AFORESAID NGUNI-DOMINATED PROVINCES (Tribalist-cum-Regionalist-Jacob Zuma’s KZN, Ndebele- Swazi- and Zulu-speaking Mpumalanga Province), and Father-of-South-Africa-Tribalism-and-Black-Racism Nelson Mandela s Province Eastern Cape!

AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE OPPORTUNISTS LIKE MOJO MOTAU FIT IN. (as a “Motau”, I learn from the at least one resident of the Great Mamelodi Township, he will have to be Tswana-speaking among the Kgatla-ethnic group of the Tswana-Nation and this is the self-same ethnic group among the great Batswana Nation as found in both South Africa and Botswana, he Mojo Motau belongs to the self-same ethnicity where sexual abuser of state-coffers-promoting-nitwit-women-like-Mandela-Cousin-Zini-Bobelo Mr Raymond Lentsoe originates…. and since both Nguni tribalists Thabo Mbeki and now Jacob Zuma consistently refuse to discipline senior SANDF officer like Lentsoe when they abuse their military power to have illicit sex and also empty state coffers in the process, one could even suspect there is some strange but devilish pact between two too many ethnic Bakgatla Tswana-speakers in the SANDF and the Nguni tribalists-cum-black-racists like Zuma, Mbeki and Mandela).
However, Motau has one more thing standing on his side as a high-riser in the ANC as designed by Nguni Tribalist Zuma.  Motau per my reliable reports WAS BORN IN SUPERTRIBALIST NELSON MANDELA’S EASTERN CAPE PROVINCE!!!!

Now the problem with Motlanthe is (if we must return to a man we know next to nothing about) is that he probably was born in neither KwaZulu Natal, nor Eastern Cape, nor Mpumalanga as the designs of tribalists (led by Eastern-Cape Supertribalists like Mandela) would go.

And if you do not know what you are reading about or see it for the first time. PLEASE GO AND STUDY THE HISTORY OF ANC PRESIDENCY FROM THE DAY IN THE EARLY 1940’S WHEN THE FIRST XHOSA-SPEAKING MAN (Medical Doctor Xuma the acquaintance to Nelson Mandela nd the very ANC president who infiltrated into the ANC a young tribalist who had previously per own confession in autobiography Long Walk to Freedom had previously known nothing about the ANC prior to coming to Johannesburg from the backwaters of the Easter Cape Thembuland)….

…Well, look at that history and you will find that from the rule of Xhosa-speaking Dr Xuma over the ANC which was preceded the rule of the Zulu-speaking ethnic Moroka/Tonga/Ithonga and intellectual founder of the ANC (where material founder was Phiri’s maternal first-cousin and Her Majesty Swaziland’s Queen Mother Labotsibeni) THERE WAS NEXT-TO-NO NON-NGUNI PRESIDENT FOR THE ANC FROM 1940 UNTIL TODAY IN DECEMBER 2012!!!!This in stark contrast to the fact that Sotho-speakers (Tswana, Pedi, and Moshoeshe) were predominantly in leadership positions together with the invincible Zulu-speakers like Dr Seme, Mafukuzela (first ANC President), Josiah Gumede!  And so there is a tribal belief in Gauteng and other thinking provinces (or mis-thinking provinces) ‘you bring into your family either a Xhosa-speaker like the ANC brought in the 1940s both Nelson Mandela and his apparent tribal mentor ANC President Medical Doctor Xuma you bring in destruction’.

This tribal thinking in Gauteng and other provinces of the ANC structure is the reason why the Provincial thinking of the ANC never had qualms in deciding for Mangaung to show Xhosa-speaking Nelson Mandela's henchman-since-exile-days-and-now-bought-by-means-of-spy-tapes-to-continue-with-Mandela-tribalism-the-door Mr Jacob Zuma.

However, the thinking and belief that Xhosa-speakers are tribalists by nature is untrue.  Just as untrue as the thinking that every white man is a racist.  OF COURSE THERE ARE BLACK RACISTS TOO, just as Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela ave amply demonstrated the fact in South Africa whereby white people in their governments are referred to as ‘anything bar “African”’ even though most of them were not only born in South Africa but have ancestors who have been here for half an entire millennium e.g. South Africa’s ethnic Dutch, English, and German who are mostly scorned upon the Nguni Tribalists Mandelas, Zumas, and Mbeki and so-called ‘revolutionary songs’ are produced under the rule of this black-racist-cum-Nguni-tribal-trio-Mandela-Mbeki-Zuma to Kill The Boer, with “Boer” being now a derogatory reference to any person of ethnic European descent.



It is difficult for Phiri who does not understand the history or biography Motlanthe to give any advice forward-going. But if he knows he is at heart a good man just like the Goodman (The Roman Catholic Church confirmed) ‘Goodman Manyanya Phiri’ is really a good man’ MOTLANTHE SHOULD STOP HIS HIDING GAME AND COME OUT IF HE WANTS TO OPPOSE A JACOB ZUMA THAT NO THINKING ANC MEMBER WANTS RETAINED FOR ANY SECOND TERMS AFTER MANGAUNG.  Motlanthe’s cowardice (if indeed he is a coward) will be his undoing if he spends one day dilly-dallying about his position when the Zuma camp has already submitted slates that exclude him.  I mean, Motlanthe already enjoy the salary of a State President; and so if he announces himself in favour of opposing Jacob Zuma in Mangaung what will stop his continued reception of the Presidential dues even if he is no more ANC bigwig?  Maybe to be rude in order to drive an important message home to Motlanthe: REMEMBER SOME FIVE YEARSAGO ZUMAWAS SOUTH AFRICA’S HERO BECAUSE OF HIS BALLS, SO YOU MOTLANTHE GET YOUR BALLS IN SPEED AGAINST ZUMA TO BE OUR FAVOURITE OR ELSE WE MAY RECOMMEND TWO VERY SENIOR WOMEN TO SUCCESSFULLY OPPOSE ZUMA IN MANGAUNG FAILING WHICH THE MEN: MATTHEW PHOSA, FIKILE MBALULA, JULIUS MALEMA AND SEVERAL OTHERS.

Nothing (except possibly your own secret agendas) can hurt you now by coming public, Mr Motlanthe.


I told Jacob Zuma mostly through the Afrikaans Language (it was a video sent to the Union Building to him in his capacity as State President but as a half-illiterate he did not understand the language witch is no excuse for him when I also sent him a video in his own native Zulu Language) that his leadership of the ruling ANC is the 100-year-old Organization’s most crucial position ‘TO GET EVERYTHIGN RIGHT FOR SOUTH AFRICA OR GET EVERYTHING WRONG FOR THIS HOLDY LAND’.


So my point as Phiri here is simple: I do not see the future of the my ANC if this or another buffoon is appointed to the leadership.  I do not see the world tolerating that kind of rubbish and before we know, either Britain or China or the United States of America may against my all but well-understood-wishes be sending their boots pounding in South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal and Nkandla Residence to oust Dictator Zuma and hand in me to the hordes of democratic-minded Zulu-speakers of KwaZulu-Natal who unfortunately for him are dying to see him lynched the same way Gaddafi of Lybia and Samuel Doe earlier of Liberia was were lynched for damaging in their respective countries racial and tribal harmonies of otherwise mutually-understanding peoples!

Of course, there will be no ANC as we know it today after the CULLING by the international community (where us South Africans fail) of Dictator Zuma. We may then have to await for another politically party to rule South Africa…

…Which would, thanks to Jacob Zuma’s profligacy,  be very sad indeed after the sterling jobs did 100 years ago by Goodman Manyanya Phiri’s Maternal First Cousin Her Majesty Swaziland’s Queenmother Labotsibeni for being the material founder of the ANC as well as the stupendously intellectual work done by the Queenmother’s tradition son-in-law and and Phiri’s second Cousin British- and American-trained-doctorate-in-law-holder Zulu-speaking (of Tsonga/Tonga/Moroka) Pixley Seme whose daughter has been roundly avoided, left destitute, and sabotaged by all post-1994 presidents fo the ANC Mandela  Mbeki and now even most painfully, Zuma (whose only fight against Seme is the fact that Zulu-speaking Seme, was, unlike Zuma, Tsonga/Tonga/Moroka among the Zulu Nation).




Now, the law is very clear in South Africa about a senior officer like Phiri where he has been found wanting or deserving of an ouster, demotion or anything of that nature:  THE FIRST STEP IS A BOARD OF INQUIRY.

Pro-Mandelasque-Xhosa-tribalists Mr Thabo Mbeki and Deputy Jacob Zuma together with Lieutenant General Motau in 2002 never bothered to follow the law. As such, soon after writing of my letter to the State President exposing abuse of power along racial/tribal lines in the SANDF, Motau with the blessings of Mbeki unprocedurally removed Phiri from a deputy-director’s post.  There was not even on scrap of paper explaining why I was given marching orders by Easter-Cape-born Motau. Motau relied for his unlawfulness in my actions on one point or two points. There was Motau’s notorious fellow-Eastern-Cape born Brigadier General Mlandeli Alfred Kula to equally receive Phiri on the Army Division side of the SANDF without scruples and Kula did, whereby I stayed for years after 2002 still registered by the Department of Defence and Veterans Affairs of the Republic of South Africa still officially an employee of the Intelligence Division of Motau rather than the Army Division as erstwhile led by Venda-speaking-Yesman-to-Mandelasque-Xhosa-tribalism-Lieutenant General Gilbert Lebeko Ramano while I was effectively already in effective suspension for no other reason but my whistle-blowing against tribalism and the sexual abuse of women employees of the Department particularly by generals of Nguni (if not Mandela que-Xhosa-speaking). This particular deadlock as broken by unscrupulous Eastern-Cape-born Major Genera  Muiseng Enoch Mashoala and the very man who, in 2001, covered up Mandela Cousin Zini-Bobelo Fornication-for-Promotion and collaborated among others with Eddie Drost, ‘Brother-in-Law Major General Mofokeng’, Major Matolweni to falsely charge Phiri on laughably unsound allegations.

Even though then-starry-eyed-Motau had been enamoured by Phiri’s  appointment to Division Intelligence of the SANDF as an Intelligence Deputy-Director as Intelligence processor  specializing  in Ground Forces’ Enemy Weapons,  ON THE WAKE OF PHIRI’S UNIT SUCCESS OF GETTING ARREST OF THE ROUGE EX-MK OPERATIVES OF THE CAPE PENINSULAR WHO WERE KILLING BUS DRIVERS FOR THE SAKE OF GREEDY TAXI DRIVERS (EVEN AS HIRED GUNS), Motau was now only too happy to see me go even without regard to both South African law and laws governing the SANDF in terms of the ouster of a lieutenant colonel like Goodman Manyanya Phiri who held the rank in 2002 of a Senior Staff Officer in lawless Lieutenant General Motau’s Division then.  Of course Motau has moved on now; and in his chase for political power just as he had used to chase for it in exile’s Dakawa Camp, has ended up being buddy-buddy with Mandelasque Nguni Tribalist Jacob Zuma and as Zuma needs a second term (WHICH WILL FOR THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WILL NOT WORK..WE ARE HEADING FOR A GADDAFI SITUATION IF ZUMA WINS MANGAUNG,,EVEN IF IT SUCCEEDED) Motau and all other tribalists/racists are into all types of gimmicks on which I have previously dilated particularly on video/Youtube

Goodman Manyanya Phiri, the South African Army’s Intelligence Corps lieutenant colonel was, save for pro-Mandela's Easterncapism racists and tribalists like Mofokeng who had a 1983-1994-exile score to settle against a Phiri who blurted too much about Zuma’s and other Mandelaque-Xhosa-cum-Nguni tribal atrocities of exile, WAS AN UNKNOWN FELLOW, nationally-speaking.

And so I was charged on the 9th of March 2001, and so very falsely charged by a black-racist-primed Whiteman Eddie Drost dying for promotion from colonel to Brigadier and Thabo Mbeki moved fast forward to deny Civil Servant Phiri financial assistance to defend the false charges all because Mbeki and his erstwhile deputy (Zuma) wanted to silence Phiri against blowing the whistle of promotion through sex on the Drost-led South African Army College in favour of Mandela Cousin Zini Bobelo (self-professed).

I thereupon for years struggled to get the message across to fellow-South-African about the Mbeki-Zuma Nguni tribal cahoots of undermining South Africa’s laws by denying an accused the court funds necessary to defend himself against the accusations particularly one as I who is not only a whistle-blower, but also a civil servant of the Republic of South Africa! At that time the phenomenon of blogging was apparently neither in  nor was Phiri sufficiently computer-literate BECAUSE SOUTH AFRICA’S BLACK MAN ABOVE 50 THIS YEAR (AND A SIZEABLE PERCENTAGE OF MALE WHITES TOO) TEND TO SUFFER SO MUCH FROM ‘COMPUTER PHOBIA that not only did my white Colleague under Colonel Kotze around year 1999 do all his staff work by hand while our supervisor Kotze and I among others typed all of it, but Phiri’s experience 10 years prior is even more spectacular when in Dar es-Salaam’s PAC Headquarters’ Publicity and Information Directorate we were visited by a sympathetic USA citizen who had asked how he could help our anti-Apartheid propaganda and I had suggested ‘a computer Sir’ which brand-new computer was duly delivered to the Headquarters only to be quarantined by Xhosa-speaking erstwhile PAC Publicity-and-Information-Secretary Waters Toboti who said [anything computer-related is too alive with CIA to be used by anyone who desires to keep a secret].  And so I had remained computer-illiterate for that long! Indeed, half of Jacob-Zuma-promoted Nguni-speak male colonels and their counterparts who are generals SIMPLY COMPUTER ILLITERATE DESPITE THE FACT THAT COMPUTER LITERACY IS BY LAW A PREREQUESITE IN SOUTH AFRICA FOR ANYONE TO BECOMING AN OFFICER!  Worse, Nelson Mandela's cousin Lieutenant General Temba Templeton Matanzima who has for his fellow-Nguni tribalism with Jacob Zuma recently been promoted to Ombudsman of the SANDF and the Department of Defence, CANNOT (OVER AND ABOVE HIS COMPUTER ILLITERACY) WRITE ONE SINGLE GRAMMATICALLY-CORRECT SENTENCE OR PARAGRAPH IN SOUTH AFRICA’S ARMY WORKING LANGUAGE AND AN  OFFICIAL PREREQUISITE TO BEING AN OFFICER IN THE REPUBLIC: ENGLISH!

And so because of all my censorious attitude against all the black racism, tribalism, male chauvinism and abuse of junior soldiers in matters of sex and promotion by the nitwit seniors put in generalcy by Mandela  Mbeki and the like as satrap Zuma; also because reportedly Eastern-Cape-born Lieutenant General Motau already as of 2002 knew that his fellow-Eastern-Cape regionalists had influenced (through Major Matolweni and the ‘Xhosa’s Brother-in-Law Mofokeng and current Zuma ambassador for South Africa in some South American country) had influenced Whiteman Brigadier General Eddie Drost to falsely charged Phiri, THE MBEKI-MANDELASQUE-XHOSA-TRIBALIST STATUS QUO DECIDED TO ESCALATE THE FIGHT AGAINST PHIRI AND THEY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2002 TOOK OUR STRUGGLE TO THE MASS MEDIA WITH THE HELP OF YESMAN MOTAU WHO, AS HE HAD DONE DURING EXILE DAYS WHILE CO-HEADING THE DAKAWA CAMP OF SECRETIVE EXECUTIONS OF COMRADES WHO STOOD AGAINST TRIBALISM IN THE 1980S.  How they did that was simple: no sooner did I write a secret letter to the State President and SANDF Commander-in-Chief on how Lieutenant General Motau or/and his intelligence forces caused South Africa to be needlessly bombed by the Boeremag, Motau or/and his operatives of the Defence Intelligence Division of the SANDF leaked my letter to the mass media AND SO FOR THE FIRST TIME PHIRI, ALBEIT IN A NEGATIVE LIGHT, GOT TO BE KNOWN BY SOUTH AFRICA INPREPARATIONOF COURSE TO FALSELY PROSECUTE IN THE ARMY VIA EDDIE DROST FALSELY CHARGES AND FORGET ABOUT ME.

There are several websites still carrying the unlawful leakage (by Motau and fellow-Eastern-Cape-born Thabo Mbeki) of my letter to the president and now to the media.

Naturally I queried this illegal activity by Motau and Mbeki through the grievance of command for the SANDF and the erstwhile Chief of the South African National Defence Force half-heartedly responded I have also a write to respond on the mass media which why I WILL CONTINUE BLOGGING ABOUT THE CORRUPTION OF THE ZUMAS IN THE SANDF UNTIL THE DAY I AM GIVEN MY PACKAGE OUT OF A ZUMA-COMMANDED SANDF OR I DIE IF NEED BE!  No man or woman deserves to be denigrated without a right of reply, not when he has outgrown THE COMPUTER ILLITERACY IN 1987 BRANDED BY IGNORANT MANDELASQUE-XHOSA TRIBALISTS LIKE WATERS TOBOTI AS TOOLS OF THE AMERICA’S CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY-CIA!


Nobody soldiering under Jacob Zuma labours under any doubt today that the SANDF is a Mandelasque-Xhosa-speaking preserve with some nascent Zulu-tribe tribalism alongside Zuma’s fellow Robben-Island-Prisoner-Mandela’s supertribe lording it over the SANDF today.

Of course the whites still exist powerful in the SANDF but their power lies on two spheres viz. 1. Theier superior knowledge over how a standing army vis-à-vis an MK- or APLA-type guerrilla army.  2. Their kow-towing to Mandela que-Xhosa and Zumaphod Nguni racism for the South African army whereby junior Xhosa-speaking soldiers can with impunity tell off senior officers who do not belong to their tribe ‘just since Mandela Cousin Ombudsman Temba Templeton Matanzima and Mandela trained Jacob Zuma will defend them politically whatever crime they commit in insubordination’.

I have a case in point of a Mandela que-Zumaphoid Nguni black racist-cum-Xhosa-tribalist staff sergeant who in my presence and defiance called my erstwhile fellow lieutenant colonel a mad hat and thereafter had the gall to report Phiri to the General Officer Commanding our Formation (the position once held by Brigadier General MlandeliAlfred Kula) for calling her to order.

The story above demonstratres clearly just how, rather than the plain non-partisan and non-racial, instead ‘military discipline black racism pro-Nguni and particulary Zuma-kowtowed-to-via-spy-tapes-Mandelasque-Xhosa tribalsim’ rules the SANDF under the commander-in-chiefship of Jacob Zuma!

It is important for me to today give you the scenario of how Goodman Manyanya Phiri, a supposedly black officer could have been entrusted with information/intelligence by so-called white people about imminent criminal activities by the white Boeremag.

Ask yourself as my reader why my white sources did not take this information straight to Lieutenant General Mojo Motau?

The answer is simple and straightforward, Unlike Motau, Phiri is totally ‘Colour-blind, race-blind and tribe-blind’.  I have for example been repeatedly asked how my best friends (of what few friends I have where I hardly make friends) ‘HAVE BEEN WHITE’.  I happen to have studied Biology at at school (one of the reasons I became an anti-Apartheid freedom fighter in 1976) and every time my Thembeka Senior Secondary School in Nelspruit/Kanyamazane/Lekazi showed me a human heart I failed to have him showing two different hearts based on racial or tribal differences.

Contrariwise, Motau is from my experience a black racist pure and simple because he abused his power as Chief of South African National Defence Force-SANDF’s Defence Intelligence Division TO ILLEGALLY SPY ON MY SUPERVISOR JACOBUS J. SADIE AS ‘BOEREMAG OPERATIVE WITHIN THE SANDF’, and in the process abused Phiri to do that dirty job for him even though neither is Phiri a counter-intelligence expert, but there are hordes of clearly too many Mandela-Mbeki-Zuma-OVERPROMOTED Xhosa-speakers to SANDF counter-intelligence-expertise.

So Motau calls Phiri to his house this one afternoon and INSTRUCTS Phiri around 2001/2002 (a possible other motive why White Man Eddie Drost falsely charged Phiri if Jacob J. Sadie picked up the Motau order against Phiri ‘to police a supervisor’).

Today I wish to clear this J.J. Sadie matter out once and for all and I hope somebody make him read this post if he is still alive.  And so I say: Whiteman Colonel J.J. Sadie was NO PERFECT MAN.  But if he was not perfect as as a military officer, SHOW ME A PERFECT ONE!  All I know about Colonel Sadie is the fact that under Nguni Tribalist Messrs Mandela nd Mbeki Phiri was probably like a Motlanthe linked to Botswana just because he probably speaks Tswana, viewed as a ‘kwerekwere’ Swazi-speaking Phiri with links to the Kingdom of Swaziland or paternally even to the independent state of Malawi!!!!  However, I felt offended (and still do) that I as a lieutenant colonel worth his salt, should be commandeered around by a mere lieutenant (one Putlane who was Motau’s link to police an ex-APLA ex-PAC Phiri in Motau’s ‘ex-ANC ex-MK SANDF’).  And so Putlane comes out of the blue to lecture me on how to deal with white people of my unit (I was under Whiteman Colonel J.J. Sadie the commander from Year 2000 of South Africa’s SANDF’S Defence Intelligence Division’s Mobile Unit and I am the guy who caused query-ex-MK cadres who were killing bus drivers in the Cape Peninsular to be arrested and peace be returned to the Peninsula a task that had defeated both the Police and Intelligence Departments of the Republic under Thabo Mbeki and a task which once completed saw a joint trophy given to the SANDF by both Police and National Intelligence Agency operatives for a successful mission where ony six of my men and women drove from Pretoria to Capetown and in two weeks cracked the military cell of the rogue ex-MK guys who played hired guns to taxi-drivers intent on tribally removing a white-owned bus company… but that trophy was not given to Phiri because Phiri was in the eyes of Xhosa-speaking Tribaist Thabo Mbeki not Xhosa-speaking even though I have many of my friends being Xhosa-speakers and I master a good smattering of the great Xhosa language! Nor were we even invited to the function where National Intelligence Officers and Police Intelligence were presenting the trophy to the South African National Defence Force-SANDF!)

All I wished to say with these paragraphs is: Sadie was a good commander for me. I have nothing against him.  I never suspected him of Boeremag links JUST BECAUSE HE WAS REPORTEDLY TOO OFTEN HOLDING ALL WHITE MEETINGS IN A UNIT WHOSE MOST SENIOR OFFICERS WERE IN ANY CASE EX-SADF WHITES.   I do not per my political thinking have a problem people meeting as one race or tribe only (Motau has that problem), and I do not believe ‘just because people of the same skin colour meet together to the exclusion of another colour therefore they are racists’.  I believe Zuma and his fellow-Zulus can meet in Nkandla and pray for a second term via Mangaung as ANC leadership (although I think it is stupid of Zuma to call an all-Zulu ancestral-appease-gathering for Mangaung when if Mangaung grants him that power he is supposed to rule over every South African regardless of tribal connection).
Sadie is the man who sat in Pretoria while I satin 400km-or-more-away I sat in Nelspruti and the command of yet another Whiteman I consider a big brother to me (Colonel Theunis Kotze) and read my C.V. in comparison to hordes Lieutenant General Moreti Mojo Motau who were around year 2000 overstaffed in his division (I know of one Mandelasque Xhosa-speaking colonel who for at least five years with Motau’s say-so was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO EXCEPT SIT IN HIS OWN OFFICE AND GET BOTH EPILEPTIC FITS AND HIS SALARY AND NOT GIVEN THE LEGAL MEDICAL BOARDING JUST BECAUSE HE SPEAKS THE ZUMA-OVER-PROMOTED XHOSA AND ZULU LANGUAGES OF THE THE EEASTERN CAPE AND KWAZULU NATAL WHERE WERE BORN RESPECTIVELY BOTH MANDELA AND MOTAU ON ONE HAND JACOB ZUMA ON THE OTHER).


Colonel Sadie apparently phoned my supervisor Theunis Kotze (by the standards of both white and black soldiers a most-feared man in the Army that I maybe strangely could sit with at his house and dine as with a brother.. I know both his wife and at least two of wonderful children.. I could even go to Colonel Sadie’s office and request for anything it would happen: “Colonel Kotze, I need a self-defence fire-arm”= “Phiri I am sending you tomorrow to Police-0fficer-So-and-So do do the prerequisites for owning a fire-arm per South African law”;  “Colonel Kotze I need a driver’s licence very fast”= “Sorry, Colonel Phiri, nothing is fast here you need to learn to drive first and anytime you need practice get a licenced soldier to guide you and TAKE MY BLOODY PERSONAL TOYOTA AND PRACTISE WITH IT”).  In that regard, I even recall going to Kotze’s house for his Toyota (it was blue in colour and shaped like the Toyota Tazz), and even though he was very strict with the rules, he handed me the ignition key (TRUST, I BELIEVE) even though he did not see my tutor.  Of course I was alone and drunk with driving bravado.  I took his car and drove nicely and safely from his environs (it is the first sight that hits you when you arrive in beautiful Nelspruit from Gauteng). It was incident free.  I, still on my very own, hit the first major robots of Nelspruit from Johannesburg/Pretoria and they connect you with the major road that on the right takes you to Barberton while straight-ahead-and-left it takes you to the core Nelspruit/Mbobela.  There was no incident there either.  And so I was great driver, wasn’t I?  I turned right on those robots and immediately got a craving for chips, part of my ‘carbo-loading’ as the athlete in me Colonel Kotze ‘disliked’ with a passion (“Both military drills and the Holy Bible are against officers running Phiri where the Bible suggests anybody running must be guilty of something and the military will clearly tell you there is no worse panic sown during a battle against the enemy as when troops see their officer running!”). The first robots to the left lead you to some of South Africa’s most elegant restaurants and that is where I went to park and park very safely Colonel Theunis Kotze Toyota Tazz. I guzzled my chips in about ten minutes and not even a single one of my all-white fellow-diners seemed to bother about my eating speed.  The table almost capsized as I stood up in a hurry (there is no payment for Kotze’s car or petrol although there is agreement what time his car is gonna be  back in his yard!).  Now listen very carefully if you read this as a learner driver: REVERSING IS ONE OF THE MOST CHALLENGING MANOEVRES YOU CAN UNDERTAKE AND I BELIEVE THAT IS WHY IT IS MORE CHALLENGING TO LEARN TRUCK DRIVING THAN TO DRIVE AIRCRAFT WHICH I AS GOODMAN MANYANYA PHIRI HAS YET TO SEE FLYING ON REVERSE! But I need to digress to South African looks: they never get bigger than Boers, and I suspect it has something to do with the German blood in them for I hear unconfirmed reports that the the great German People are greatest in Bavaria where apparently the famous German product BMW (supposedly standing for Bavaria Motor Works) come from.  And so as I was rushing to my car (Kotze’s car) and ready to drive off and do my lone driving practices prior to going for official test, there drove in this huge Bavarian-type Boerman in his equally-huge white 4x4.  He was faster than I because he was already by the restaurant’s entrance while I was still fidgeting with my ignition key, but I am sure he had already smelled a rat about me for some reason when I lifted my eyes onto the mountains of food I had ingested, or rather the source (I think it is one of the Dros chain) I saw white human mountain standing transfixed with his eyes fixed on me. I did not care about his look; South Africa is my land with me a descendant of Kings from the Biblical Pharaoh/Phiri to the Swazi Dlamini; and so my engine was live it played ball as I reversed towards the opposite side of the shiny white machine whose owner had eyes glued on me (‘Even a cat may look at the Queen, Bootjie’ I said in my heart of hearts during my manoevre). Now, if you read more carefully now: at the back of these huge, expensive and fuel-guzzling machines as the one that stood next to me on my right while the owner stood right in my face some five metres away STAND A LOT OF BARS FOR BUMPERS and I was already out of my parking bays when I saw this Whiteman’s huge machines rocking in sync with my steering wheel and a smashing sound.  I had just destroyed Colonel Kotze’s right flicker light TOGETHER WITH A GOOD DENT ON THE CORRESPONDING SIGHT.  I had never before been beaten up by white people although I am aware they can give you a thorough beating; I had as a child seen a whiteman, Greek Descendant Mr Jim Jacob of Amsterdam point a gun at my mother for no sensible reason; I mean whites are huge fellows in South Africa and so I expected this huge white man to come down on me either as a ton of bricks (which he bodily was) or as Samson to lift both me and my Toyota Tazz for a throw into hell!  And so I immediately lifted my hands in apology, and it seems I sewed stiches on his tummy because he started laughing from where stood until he collapsed to the ground.  I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT INCIDENT BECAUSE IT TAUGHT ME THE LESSON THAT INDEED IF YOU GO AROUND THINKING ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST TOWARDS YOU AS A BLACK; IF YOU GO ABOUT THINKING ALL FELLOW-MANDELA XHOSA-SPEAKERS ARE TRIBALITIC TOWARDS YOU AS A NON-XHOSA-SPEAKER NATIVELY, OF COURSE THEY SHALL BE!

But I do not believe white, black, Xhosa, Zulu or any other people are born racist! It is only cheap politicians like Jacob Zuma who make these things happen and I am buoyed in my theory by the fact reading into several branches in Jacob Zuma’s own KwaZulu-Natal Province who are rebelling against Nguni-Tribalist Zuma’s drive to make KwaZulu-Natal his main supporting provinces as he faces an axing by our great African National Congress.  I am elated by reports that the Eastern Cape’s Oliver Tambo Region of the Eastern Cape has, despite its’s native Xhosa-speak, have opted for probably-non-Xhosa-speaking Motlanthe as the ANC President to oust a tribalist and black racist.


South Africa is a land where all official racism has been OFFICIALLY put to a stop,even by virtue of a constitutional order or two. 

However, racism still thrives particularly in the South African National Defence Force-SANDF as led by Jacob Zuma because of subtle activities by the politician (Zuma) and fellow Nguni-tribalists Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma.

One method they use for this is the politicizationof the SANDF whereby small  minds (like Mojo Motau) are over-promotedto generalcy either because they may be born in Nelson Mandela s Eastern-Cape Province or may even be distant relatives of  the politician or other Ngunis like Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma.  Once promoted to those positions these Coastal-Borns like one Major General Enoch Muiseng Mashoala, they descend on every womam employee of the Department of Defence an Veterans Affairs under the State Presidency of Jacob Zuma and reportedly reduce her to a concubine for themselves!

So here is how in more details these Nguni tribalists like Jacob Zuma foment racism in the South African National Defence Force.  They will have two types of white senior officers:  The strict military men and women who take no nonsense below or above what is expected from the Army of any land in the world on one hand.  On the other hand they will have what poor language refers to as ass-kissing Boers.  The latter would be those white officers who are not good enough at military discipline (you can put Brigadier General Eddie Drost in that list for Phiri).

The Drosts of the SANDF as well as the likes of Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie are not white racists of Jacob Zuma’s SANDF, but they are ‘ass-kissers’ who give under their command a semblance of SANDF ‘white racism’ (a nonsensical concept not possible where the most senior SANDF commanders are black and the current commander in Chief is Black Jacob Zuma).  But the white Drosts and Fouries and ‘their so-called white racism’ are used by Jacob Zuma as a red herring for implementing what they have already 85% succeeded to do in South Africa: BLACK RACISM WITH THE MOST PREDOMINANT SENIOR OFFICERS OF THE SANDF BEING COASTAL-BORN INDIVIDUALS AS REPORTEDLY MOTAU, ALFRED MLANDELI KULA ETC.
Those black racists like Kula will only set white-racist-minded officers like Eddie Drost against you if you a Phiri standing against all forms of racism, tribalism and sexism to hide the fact that Drost was in fact primed by Mandela que-Xhosa-tribalists cum-black racist to falsely charge Phiri on 9 March 2001 because of my exile-day expose on Camp tribalism-pro-Eastern-Cape by the Zumas and Motaus.  And that is why the day before Phiri got falsely charged, Major Geneneral Mofokeng (featured saluting on the side of this post) dispatched Matolweni to come to Eddie Drost’s Army College for confabulation on how I should be falsely charged for the report I had given to Johnson Mlambo-led Pan Africanist Congress of Azania in erstwhile Tanzanian Capital Dar es-Salaam about the the tribal atrocieties Jacob Zuma, Lieutenant General Motau, Robert Mance, Amost Masondo and father of current South African Army Chief (all-Eastern-Coastal-borns) were committing in Morogoro’s Mazimbu and Dakawa torturing to death ANC comrades like two Coloureds who were buried alive by orders of Jacob Zuma in the presence of Mazimbu bigwig Xhosa-speaking Robert Mance and some Mbokodo gendarmerie; like “Giovanni” who was detained by Motau for years in Dakawa and coerced to flee the camp whereupon the Motau forces, per permission of Jacob Zuma, were allowed to to torture the comrade to death by means of pricks all over the body by sharp instruments whereupon his lifeless body was smuggled into the nearby river at Mazimbu.

But the ever-vigilant Tanzanian security forces caught the Mazimbu murders ordered by the Zumas, Masondos, and Mances, in the act of interning the body into the river and they were arrested.  Investigative Journalist Phiri met the three murderers at Morogoro Prison around 1986.  One of them was the late ‘Stalin’, a brother to the late Sheila of Soweto who worked worked very close with Alfred MlandeliKula’s reign of sex and terror as South African Army Intelligence Chief under whose penile rule a soldier is reliably reported under Jacob Zuma’s rule to have committed suicide ‘because Alfred Mlandeli Kula was abusing his power to successful seduce and thereafter overpromote his wife.’


as a note tot he reader:

From the lowest to the highest rank  note for the ranking of the military officers’ranking world-wide, particularly in South Africa:  LIEUTENANT, CAPTAIN, MAJOR, LIEUTENANT COLONEL (e.g. Phiri as of 2012 under SANDF Commander-in-Chief Jacob Zuma who gloats over Phiri’s persecution and non-promotion by Mandelasque Xhosa tribalists for Phiri’s 27-year-old fight against exile- and in-country-Mandelalasque Xhosa tribalism in South Africa particularly in the SANDF), COLONEL, BRIGADIER GENERAL, MAJOR GENERAL, LIEUTENANT GENERAL, GENERAL (‘CHIEF SANDF’)

The President
Private Bag x1000
06 November 2002

Mr President


Mr President [Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma’s erstwhile immediate supervisor],

The unrequited letter written your office 08 July 2002, and the further coimplications of the matter as spearheaded by Defence Inteliences’s Brigadier Thomas Etienne Fourie refer.

I believe an exemplary officer must solve his own problems, even when his own supervisor causes those problems.  For that reason, never before have I reported my supervisor, Birgaider general t.e. fourie, to his own supervisors major generals don  Doncaster and later Leon Croukamp for his continual mistreatment of me his subordinate and, often, deputy.

As a proud and obedient soldier, the most unthinkable thing happened to me yesterday when I was not only insisted upon but was escorted even by the Officer Commanding Defence Intelligence and his Regimental Sergeant Major to make a beeline for Lieutenant General Moreti Johannes Motau’s office.

The officers and the warrant officer were worried for my life because a handful (led by Brigadier General T.E. Fourie) of senior officers in Lieutenant General Moreti Johannes Motau’s Division are ordering me “to stop working late hours in the Defence Intelligence Building and also to stay away from the building as I am on official leave; or else face the risk of being labelled a spy with all the consequences that label brings with it” (read, getting shot on sight).

Their worry (which I too share) is encapsulated in the following three questions:

a.        Why is Briadier General Fourie, an intelligence officer (in contradistinction to counter-intelligence officer) taking it upon himself to worry about Phiri’s supposed spying activities when a BNriadeir General Matshatshe, appointed for that post, is not worrying about Phiri?
b.      Why are Brigadier General Fourie’s informes reporting to him rather than to Brigadier General Matshatse who would have that direct responsibility of asking about Phiri’s ‘mysterious presence’ at his office when Phiri was supposed to be on leave; and why is Brigadier General Matshatse supposed to be hearing of Phiri’s ‘peculiarity’ for the first time from Brigadier Gneeral Thomas Etienne Fourie at 15H00, 06 November 2002?
c.       Why, immediately after the Soweto bombings, are Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie-and-informants worried about Lieutenant Colonel Goodman Manyanya Phiri’s habits of working late and even across the night when Phiri has always had these habits ever since the latter arrived at the Defence Intelligence Building two years ago? (By the way, must Major General G.L. Pitso, whose character also reveals long reading hyours in his office, also be branded a spy according to Brigadier General Fourie?)

By his own right, Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie is an extremely remarkable character, indeed; and since he has demonstrated his ability to monitor and expose the idiosyncrasies of other intelligence officers (like Phiri), I think it is only too fair toalso put his character under scrutiny n this letter.

THE FOURIE ANTI-PHIRI VENDETTA OVER THE RIGHT-WING BOEREMAG THREAT.   After Lieutenant General Moreti Johannes Motau, Brigadier General Theunis Etienne Fourie is a third highest-ranking member of Defence Intelligence.  He is the second highest-ranking Defence-Intelligence member employed among other activities, for the approval of the release/publication/dissemination of Defence Intelligence’s Early Warning Reports or intelligence in the event Souith Africa is imminently under military threat.
To drive this point home: frequently, Briagadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie acts on behalf of his supervisor, Major General J. Leon Croukamp as the Chief Director (for processing and producing early warning military intelligence for the nation).
When Briadieer General Fourie so acts on behalf of Major General Croukamp, he becomes the most important person in the land  to decide wheter South Africa swims  or sinks in the event of an immiment military conflict.  This, Mr President [Nguni-speaking Thabo Mbeki and immediate supervisor to your fellow-Nguni-speaker Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma], is crucial information for you to note for the fullest understanding of the rest of this letter.

On all such occasions when the chance arises, Fourrie consistely belittles the threat posed by the Right Wing [Boeremag] to the stability of South Africa.  This is done merely tocondtinue his vendetta against Phiri, the most outspoken of the majoirity of officers who have always maintained the rightwing threat should be taken quite more seriously than that.

Seven weeks ago (the 19th September 2002) Brigadier General  Fourrie, chariring Defence Intelligence’s Information Processing session, the subject  of the Right Wingn destabilisation threat once more came up for consideration.

We told Briagadier General Fourie that the fact that the Right Wing could deliberately leave a truckload (a suuverni for the security forces, as it were) out of a convyoy of trucks laden with weaponry was indeed  ‘a show of force’.

Brigadier General  Fourie immediately cung upon and made light of the  ‘show-of-force’ terminology.  He In fact started a fabulous story.. something like  ‘criminals holding hostage the South African society were also demonstrating a show of force’.

Brigadier General Fourie diverted in toto from the serious issue the house was under his leadership was seized with.  To this day, I remain astonished at the thought that not even one officer more senior than I (and there were many) saw it fit to call the Brigadier General to order when he was nott only defying the procedural decorum of observing the views of the majority of his willing and able think-tank, but was making a mockery of an issue of urgent national security!

So, while everybody else was laughtin at his caustic joke, I raised my  hand once more to personally press him back  to the point.  He stubbornly went ahead to underestimate the Right Wing threat to South Africa calling them something likie ‘crazy useless buggers who will never succeed to destabilize this country, Colonel Phiri’s show-of-force theory notwithstanding’

‘Show of force’, to expatiate,  is a military weapon used to destroy your enemy in the mind.  It is always calculated to benumb your enemy, rendering him incapable of straight thinking, let alone maintaining the facultly of taking decisive action.

BRIGADIER GENERAL FOURIE’S FATAL CONTINUED TRIVIALIZATION  OF THE RIGHT WING THREAT TO THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.  Three weeks later, (Friday 11 October 2002) a desk officer (the rank of a lieutenant colonel) not only confirmed the seriousness of the Right Wightg threat to South Africa, but he also produced an intelligenced report that corroborated the suspicion that the Right Wing were indeed gong to bomb the Republic to kingdom come some time in in self-same October 2002.

The lieutenant’s supervisor (a lieutenant colonel) gave  a go-ahead for the dissemination of the intelligence piece.  The more superior senior staff officerce a green light for dissemination.  (a full colonel and one of  Brigadier General Fourie’s self-professed favourites) also accepted this.
Ultimately, the Director also gave the intelligence piece a green light for dissemination.

Yet, the only ‘intelligence piece’ that was produced by Defence Intelligence over the Soweto/Bronkhortspruit/Pretoria bomb ings in October happened 19 days later (the morning of Wednesday 30 October 2002 as a product downloaded from the internet’s Reuters News Agency) This was a day after the bombings and the culled report read:
a.       “Soweto Township Rocked by Explosions.  On 29 October 2002 several explosions rocked South Africa’s Soweto Township.  Police reported  one person dead and another injured.  Soweto police stated that the first explosion ripped a hole in the wall of a mosque in Soweto’s Dllamini area just before midnight.  Another explostion in  a squauatter delleement in Soweto left one person dead and another inured.  At least two more exposions occurred along  railway lines between the sprawling suburb and Johannesburg.   Metroail stated that the first blast was inside a sbubway at Midway station and the  second along a line bretween New Canada and Crown Stations a and the repair crews were on the sce delete scene to assess the damage. ”

Juxtapose the above-mentoned newspaper report with the intelligence piece produced by the young lieutenant 19 days earlier (11 October 2002)

     “Members of … (the) Right Wing are planning attacks on…key installations … (on) [Jacob Zuma’s immediate supervisor] Presdient Thabo Mbeki and Forrmer-President Nelson Mandela.   These attacks are scheduled for 15 October 2002… It is foreseen that these threats  can be excecuted as members of the rightwing possess the  knowledge and materials need for the building of bombs and elimination of key targets…  and the attempts will be made to carry out such threats.”

So, what happened to the forewarning that could have been channelled through, for dissemination, emppoweing the government to be  vigilant BEFORE , rather than, AFTER the fact?

Needless to say, Mr Brigadier General (and the recalcitrant) Fourie in a fourth week running of resolutely defying intelligence common sense (ostensibly just because ‘hated’ Lieutenant Colonel Phiri advocates it),  decided to cal in all the senior officers who had produced and sanctioned the intelligence piece.  He listened to himself speak in front of the  frightened sjubordinatesess and finallyu se he wasnot  going to alow it for disseminatin!

His reasons (Appendix G of this letter), penned in his own handwriting are: “There is no indication of the reliability of the source or the accuracy of the information”.

The most curious aspect about Brigadier General Fourie’s action (seemingly aimed at sptiting Lieutenant Coloel Goodamn Manyanya Phiri’s views on the Right Wing) is the fact that whereas he had privately always told me the SANDF currently does not have black officers fit enough to work in tis Directorate of Technological Intelligexnce, he has nonetheless been giving me the impression he believes in the ability of blacks to give effective human-intelllience reports.  In the recent past, he named Colonel M. Mlangeni (the Senior Staff Officer who gave the green light to the Right Wing Intelience report) tome as ‘the best colonel, black or white, in the Sub-difision’.  If not to indirectly spite Phiri, why did he go on a limb tospike a report produced by ‘able and capable’ Mlangeni where it concerned the Boeremag trheat to the Republic of South Africa?

Verily, atny attempt at rationalising Brigadier General Fourie’s spiking of the report is confounded further by the fact that it happened exactly four weeks after he (according to minutes of the said meeting) sat in front of Driectros and as their chairman of the day informed them that ‘the Chief of Defence Intelligence Lieutenant General Motau wants all assessments and documents that are being copiled be factually-based

On what factuality did Brigadier General Fourie  base himself on to question the credibility of the report; to doubt the reliability of sources; and to finally wrongfully use his military boot to trample underfoot the intellectual integrity of at least four officer producesrs of the intelligence piece to such an extent that hey not only complained to Lieutenant General Motau [who of of coure did nothing since Fourie was per Zuma and Mbeki’s tribal designs doing his own bidding to suppress intellectual acumen of black officers just because they unlike Motau and Mandela ere not born in Mandela's Eastern Cape], but they also let me know about  ‘you Phiri’s supervisor’s abuse of power ’.  how does Brigadier General Mr Whiteman Fourie, the proud father of an equally-lily-white  daughter or two, sleep at night knowing  that he directly contributed to the death of PitchBlackwoman Me Claudina Mokoena and thereby orphaning the little girl to which Claudina was mother?

In the past, officers like-minded to Brigadier general Fourie, had sat on the same or similar Information Processing platforms to espouse a year ago the idea which, despite protestations by desk officers, misinformed the Presidency and other stake-holders that, ‘according to Defence Intelligence, the Right Wing threat was dead and buried’

This, by the way, is the self-same panel that, in the previous administration, told President Mandela of ‘the existence in the SANDF of an MK-APLA organisation, supposedly consisting of disgruntled former liberation fighters, trying to topple the government’.  This, of course, was a fabrication, obviously aimed at creating mistrust among SANDF members.

If I were General Solly Shoke [Chief of the South African National Defence Force if fast-forwarded to year 2012 from Year 2002 when Sphiwe Nyanda held the post], I would closely Watch This Space as, while these senior officers with a skewed sense of logic are feeding Defence Intelligence these falsehoods about the supposedly dead Right Wing they, including Brigadier General Fourie personally, know of several sad stories continually reported by the media over the Right Wing elements savagely attacking black soldiers for the purpose of stealing weapons to be used in their racist cause.

      Sowetan Sunday World can also reveal that an extreme rightwing intellectual group, the Groep van Tien, with key members in the Government, is assisting Die Volk.., an extreme rightwing organization, with mercenary links and plkans to tople the government.  Two members of Die Groep van Tien are retired generals… there was a meeting two weeks ago at Die Wilgers near Pretoria, where the plan tobomb Soweto was finalised…  the bombing of Soweto by extreme right-wingers had been in the pieline for some time, but was postponed after Marius Swanepoel, a right-winger who is serving a double life senctence for the theft of weapons and the murder of two soldiers, exposed a plot to assassinate [South Africa’s black State President] bef Septermber last year.  Sowetan Sunday World exposed a Right-Wing plot aimed at wreaking havoc and stealing weapons from military bases in the country three years ago.  At the time the ministers of defenced and safety and secururity dismissed the reports as lies…The Boeremag is said to be the military wing of Die Volk.

What makes a brigadier general treat lightly such astounding allegations as these?


Months ago, Major General J.L. Croukamp directly ordered Phiri (together with Colonels Patrick Ricketts and Justice Jansen van Vuuren) to do as investigation and compile a report on, among other aspects, what disciplinary problems exist at [at least this particular sub-division of Mandela's fellow-Eastern-Cape-born over-promoted Lieutenant General Mojo Motau’s] Defence Intelligence Division one of whose duties and responsibilities is to warn any State President whether he be a cat, she, monkey, black, white or green in the event of imminent attacks against or destabilization of, South Africa.]

Being a mere lieutenant colonel (when there were other FULL colonels and even Brigadier Generals like Thomas Etienne Fourie) who could obviously do Major General J.L.  Croukamps’s bidding more effectively, I felt so honoured to the extent that I perhaps took the order too seriously, hoping for recognition where and when such was due.

I had to have taken that order too seriously for brigaider general T.E. Fourie's liking because, on the 26th September 2002, I to no avail brought to the attention of the said Gneral (Appendix D) one more evidence of his fellow-white, a lieutenant-colonel suborrdiante of miner who openly defies military orders I issued him.

To elucidate Brigadier General T.E. Fourie's excescesses, there are many charges laid and negative orders written against officers in the month of Septer and October, none of these meeaures were taken against the two lieutenant colonels and Fourie's fellow-whites who defy my orders. (Various aspects of this information I confrirmed with co-workers: Colonel Ricketss, Lieutenant Colonel Motsie Captain Philander, Warrant  Officer Mokala and Desiree Fasen).

Noaction was taken despite my consistent efforts at bringing two officers'bad behaviours to the attention of the members'de faccto day-to-day supervisors (Brigadier General T.E. Fourie, in particular, who, in an unbecoming manner, had already apppropriated my responsibility over these members).

On the contrary, Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie, with the apparent assistance of his friends in another Division secretly crated (outside Defence Intelligence) a post for one of the two defiant lieutenant colonell subordinates of mine,encouraging in the meantime the concrned membernot only to keep theinformation aways from me,but to continue defying my orders because, as Brigadier General T.E. Fourie was to tell me three weeks ago when I once more brought to his attention the defiance tactics of the concernemd member, "without having to beunduly encumbered by your supervision and your ordresallthe time, the member must be allowed time enough, Colonel Phiri, to wind down her work at Defence Intellignce."

What Brigadier Gebneral T.E. Fourie is convenietly forgetting is the fact that for the entire 18 months I was in command of the member, he as Fourie consistently facilitated the member's defiance of me by granting permission for day-to-day activities of the  member where it actually was my jurisdiction to do so.

Furthermore, this is the only member of my section where Brigadier Geneeral Thomas Etienne Fourie has eleted to act favourably, even at the expense of my authority invested upon my rank and officer superiority and ultimately, if thanks to Fourie, also to the detriment of military discipline.  What astounds me most is the fact that this Fourie choice for undue protectiveness on his part is also the most indolent and cantankkerous member I have ever worked with, disapppearing for spells of time away from the workplace on sensible pretexts while producing no justification or proof to me on return to the office.  This is a member who has the temerity to consistently shout at me every time I ask her to perform military duties or produce proof of productivity.

(TO BE RE-EDITED AND COMPLETED LATER)For the rest of members of my section who are more productive and more coopertatie towards me despite my skin colour, Brigaider General Thomas Etienne Fourie will backbite them, under-,erti them, and ultimately frstrate them out of the Directorate, out of Defence Intelligence and often out of the SANDF.  There are already two or three young white officers who have become victims of Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie's viciousness because of no other sin except, to my thinking, their acceptance to serve under any senior officer, regardless of the senior's skin colour.

(I will, for an example be forever haunted by the day when, in my office, Brigadier General Fourie savaged technological Intelligence genius, Major Marin van Deventer and now a Reserve Bank employee, ordering him to leave the SANDF rather  than expect Fourie to plead on his behalf for something like 10 extra leave days in ordr to finish his studies! And when I tried to inverven, the General said "Martin van Deventer was paid by the SANDF for no other purpose than to be sucked like  a lemon; and so answer, Manyanya, who was the SANDF going to such when Major van Devener is away on his 10-day study leave"?  The young man left Defence Intelligence in disgust; and so did another white youngster, a Major Dries Putter).

As for Fourie-blue-eyed-boy-lieutenant-colonel No. 2 who (Appendix D), like the Indolent and Cantankerous One, also showed me total defiance, the only office-order report in the file of the member reflects that he is a 'willing, prepared and conscientious' Early Warning Centre operator' (Appendix E).

Despite porevious promises, Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie and company have neither ever esplained to me why they have not acted against the absentee lieutenant colonel (Appendix D), nor have they recommended me to  Major Generral J. Leon Croukamp for positive office orders.

On the contrary, the fact that I did my job diligently to track down the absentee lieutenant colonel till three o' clock in the moring, is used yesterday by Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie as proof that 'the guards reporting to Fourie are  right in their assertion that Phiri sleeps in the premises of Defence Intelligence for, what the hell was Phiri , in the first place doing at three O'Clock in the morning to catch absent a white lieutenant colonel?'


Since I started in my current post almost two years ago now, Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie has consistently been holding secret talks aimed  at letting off the hook the 7 members against whom my grievance to the State President was originally written (See Appendix C)

On the 23rd of October 2002 he essentially confessed to doing this because I had pointed out to him that I was considering strictly legal routes that would ascertain the arrest and conviction of the 7 members who molest me (Appendix C).  Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie essentially said there is no need for me to go to the High Court or to take any other legal avenue against the seven members because "[they are ready to support me now]".

He said that he had had talks with Brigadier General Mlandeli Alfred Kula (Appendix C iii). According to Brigadier Geneeral Thomas Etienne Fourie , Brigaider General Kula has always been ready to support Phiri all the way in attainin any goal I aimed at, as long as I forgive and forget all that happened in the past.

Yet Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie had been told several times by myself that the only "forgiving and forgiving" I will effect with the Army Seven will be via the court cases unless, they, without any furthrance oif their traditional conspiracy and confabulation, each give me before  1 January 2003 a satisfactory written apoology explaining why they mistreated me, upon which action I will ask for the mediation and conciliation meeting to be chaired in  a personal capacity by a lawyer (or team of lawyers) like the SANDF's Colonel G.J. du Plessis or Colonel Bheki Qedusizi Penuell Simelane


It defies my nomral reasongin why a very intellignet and senior officer like Brigadier General Thomas Etienne Fourie has elected to risk his career by means of courting the wrath of (MDC-Military Disciplinary Code) Sections 46 (Conduct to the Prejudice of Military Discipine), 48 (Aiding, Abetting, Inciting, etc) and 49 (Defeating the Course of  Justice) in order to save the skin of 7 Army officers who, to Brigadier General Fourie's full knowledge, have  clearly broken the law in mistreating Phiri for the past two years.

I can only deduce that human nature being what it is, there will be some more serious, extra-organisational net-work or traditionally shared support system (for lack of a better description)  that these people might have always secretly used torise in their ranks; and that is why they are busy joining without choice into te mass grave of picking a leally inffensibly conflictwith Lieuteant Colonrel Phii

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